Photos: Japan Matsuri 2015

Saturday 19th September Trafalgar Square, London

Japan Matsuri 2015©Spencer Lloyd Peet

A selection of photos of the various performers that took to the stage at the annual festival. This year’s event was particularly special as it celebrated a century and a half of friendship between Japan and London, and the Satsuma Students Story from Kagoshima (read here).

As expected the lineup was a mix of traditional and contemporary artists and included the Izaku Drum Dancers who performed the victory dance Shimazu Hisayoshi, a tradition passed down through many generations.

UK-based singer/songwriter and Japan Matsuri MC Naomi Suzuki took to the stage to perform her latest single release, the Japan Matsuri song IBUKI (Breath), which she performed at various times throughout the day. Audience participation was needed for the making of the song’s official video which was being shot during her stage performances.

Another crowd-pleaser was the super sentai-style masked samurai, Satsuma Kenshi Hayato. His sword has no lethal blade but he defeats his enemies through mutual understanding and a meeting of minds. He is joined by Yassembo, the mischievous white fox who continually looks for ways to trick our black-clad hero. A much-loved attraction with adults and children was the green mascots Guribu and his family Kagobu who enjoyed mingling with the crowd and having their photo taken.

For further information and full lineup, go to

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