Magazine Samples

A small selection of my published articles.

Click image to enlarge.


Issue: 42 (2015)

Interview with J-pop singer and J-MELO host, May J


Issue: 110 (2013)

‘NEO’s Guide to Thailand’

Games Master

Issue: 245 (Dec 2011)

‘Hazard Light: Interview with Japanese idol/Biohazard Ambassador Saaya Irie’ and ‘Evil Gossip: Res [Resident Evil]Producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi Talks’

Kindred Spirits

Issue: Summer (2011)

‘Know Your Buddha’


Soul & Spirit

Issue: May 2010

‘Crystals Choose Us’

Cinema & Retro

 Issue: 13 Vol. 5 (2009)

‘Bruce Lee: Enter the Little Dragon’

Real Travel

Issue: Feb (2009)

‘Have You Ever… Experienced the Japanese Tea Ceremony?’

High Spirit

Issue: Dec (2008)

‘The Japanese Tea Ceremony Made Easy’

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