Kung Fu Action Star Chang Shan London Appearance


Chang Shan day

A Chinese white hair man in London!

Date: 8th of August 2015

Time: Doors Open 12:00 ends at 22:00

Venue: POSK Polish Centre, 238-246 King Street, Hammersmith, London W6 0RF

Hate-Media is proud to present Kung Fu movie actor Chang Shan who played the legendary White Hair man from Kung Fu of 7 Steps and the Golden Wheel Lama from “Shaolin v Lama”.

Chang Shan will be visiting London to meet and get to know his UK fan base, answer questions, demonstrate his awesome skills with participation from the audience and sign autographs.

Chang began his movie career in Taiwan in 1979 after winning the World Kung Fu Championships held in Kao Hsiung Taiwan, he was signed by The Eternal Film Corp. Hong Kong, he made one film for them (Fistful of Talons) and was then loaned out to Great China Films where he played the main villain in two kung fu movies that have since become house hold names among fans, namely: “Of Cooks and Kung Fu” and “Kung Fu of 7 Steps”.

Following those two films Chang returned to Korea to pursue a different career but he was spotted selling dried squid by a Taiwan film crew who were on location shooting in Inchon Korea and the persuaded him to get back in the movie business. Chang returned to Taipei and a string of hits soon followed, Shaolin Vs. Lama, Wild Panther, Shaolin Temple Strikes Back, Wu Tang vs. Ninja, Kung Fu Wonder Child.

Chang Shan carried on making films and TV in Taiwan and China well in to the 90’s.

Chang is semi retired from films and lives with his wife in Taipei, however he is likely to return to the screen in the near future in a Japanese/China co-production.

Hate-Media is a Publishing /Distribution company formed in 2013 specialising in books on Martial art movies and their stars.

Order of the programme:

Of Cooks and Kung Fu

Shaolin v Lama

Chang Shan on Stage

Kung Fu of 7 Steps

For further information, visit the site http://www.hate-media.com

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