Photos: Hwang Jung Lee Interview Session

Hwang Jung Lee

©Spencer Lloyd Peet

On Friday 12th September at the Royal Park Hotel in London, I had the great pleasure of interviewing legendary veteran Korean action superstar Hwang Jung Lee (also spelled Hwang Jang Lee), famous for his numerous portrayals of some of the baddest villians in popular Chinese Kung Fu films throughout the 1970s and 1980s including The Secret Rivals, Invincible Armour, and Drunken Master with Jackie Chan, a classic of the genre. He arrived in the UK to attend SENI 2014: The International Sports Show as a special guest where he gave a martial arts seminar and took part in a Q&A and signing session held in the Bruce Lee Tribute Weekend area set up by Eastern Heroes.

My interview with Master Lee will appear in MyM issue 31 due for publication on 24 October 2014, available from WH Smiths and various independent stores throughout the UK.


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